Monday, April 19, 2010

An interest for cooking

I had thought cooking is a big issue till I started cooking. Infact, in the beginning stages I was rather confused. But, as time went on I felt that cooking is too simple a thing...rather simpler than what I feared. It is one of those things in life which seem tougher and tougher when you think about it, but gets simpler and simpler when you face / do in reality.

Gradually I understood that it is similar to the art of making new numbers by adding 0 to 9 in different combinations! It is a challenge of course, but a managable, an easier challenge!

Till I bade Good-bye to my sweet home (of course mother's place), I never ever thought about it as there was always some soul around to feed me..But once I got married this was thought as a big issue by my mother, and instead of me, she started getting nightmares. But my sisters-in-law and my and all others (except my mom) told me that it is a very easy task,...nothing to panic...I enjoyed again without learning anything in particular, but sort of knew the basic aspects.

Any person who is a lover of tasty food, will equally love cooking. But even today, I don't enjoy cooking much. But I am particular about the taste of the food, so I have gradually developed an interest in cooking.

I have created this blog, mainly to register whatever I have learnt and tried, so that I could refer to it whenever needed, and also to help my daughter, my grandchildren...(their luck or bad luck, I can't say) in the future if at all needed..